Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Zion was legally established in 1910, although church records show pioneer missionaries in the area as early as 1897 with worship being held in a schoolhouse. The first church building was completed in 1911 with 30 members signing a pledge to cover the cost of building materials. Some members were so determined to build a church that their children went barefoot in order to meet their pledges. After two additions and remodeling, members were again determined to build a new church building, which was completed in 1980 and still serves as our “home” today.

We, as part of the ELCA, are a church that believes God is calling us into the world – together. As part of this call, we seek the common good for society, provide moral vision, and are committed to addressing social and cultural injustices and issues. We participate in God’s just and loving purpose for all of creation in many different ways, from the daily actions of members as citizens, to efforts in social service, to public witness for justice.

Our church is its members. Our church - our members - welcome you to come worship with us. Bring your children to join our children in Sunday School after worship or to confirmation instruction. Come join us in ministries to help those in need of food, school supplies, visits and conversation.